Demo Clips

About the Clips

Our demo clips include media/publicity photos, as well as selected audio or video clips that feature us in performance as Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.

For many more photos, clips, and items of media from past appearances, please check out our Show Galleries!

Media/Publicity Photos

Publicity Photo - Chase & Hamill as Abbott & Costello

Our Publicity Photo for media and Press Releases is available here in multiple resolutions, and presented in black & white for that "authentic" old-time look!

Colour versions and alternative photos are available upon request.

Audio (MP3) Demo: "Who's On First"


CH070312-The_Gong_Show.mp3 (1.43 MB)

The timeless classic: our rendition of the Baseball Routine (Who's On First).
This performance won us the March 2007 Winnipeg Gong Show, and features kind introductions from host Jon McPhail.

Running Time: 6 mins, 16 secs
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