CH070312 - The Winnipeg Gong Show

Presented by the Coalition Of The Willing at the Park Theatre on March 12, 2007... "An evening of entertainment featuring short films, improv, skits, music, stupid human tricks, stand up, and the kitchen sink."

The Winnipeg Gong Show was kind enough to accept our last-minute entry into the competition segment, where we won first place, a future "Featured Performer" slot, and a pack of Mentos for our rendition of the Baseball Routine. A big "thank you" to all the audience members who voted for us!

Media/Publicity Files

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CH070312_HBill.jpg CH070312_HBill.jpg (23.0 KB)
CotW's handbill for the March 2007 Winnipeg Gong Show, a.k.a. "The Winnipeg Gong Show, Show".
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Audio/Video Recordings

CH070312-The_Gong_Show.mp3 CH070312-The_Gong_Show.mp3 (1.43 MB)
Our complete Gong Show performance of the Baseball Routine (Who's On First), with kind introductions from our host, Jon McPhail as Professor Gong.
Running Time: 6 mins, 16 secs
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