CH080831 - Sandy Hook Wind-Up Party

Presented by Sandy Hook RV Resort at the outdoor stage in the park on August 31, 2008... "An hour of outdoor entertainment, featuring Bud & Lou with Betty Abbott."

This trip wasn't just for the boys! When Sandy Hook RV Resort decided to try live comedy entertainment at their yearly wind-up party in the outdoor park, they called on us — and we called on our good friend Leila Marston to re-create the character of Betty Abbott...
Bud's wife Betty came from the same burlesque comedy stages as Bud and Lou, and in her rare appearances, proved a delightfully funny second hand in swindling Costello.
A good time was had by all: us, the residents, and their children — who entertained us with their own one-liners and "knock-knock" jokes while mobbing us in between scenes!


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