CH070817 - The Winnipeg Gong Show

Presented by the Coalition Of The Willing at the Park Theatre on August 17, 2007... "An evening of entertainment featuring short films, improv, skits, music, stupid human tricks, stand up, and the kitchen sink."

After winning the competition segment of the March 2007 Winnipeg Gong Show with our rendition of the Baseball Routine, we were pleased to return to the show that August as featured performers!

Media/Publicity Files

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CH070817_HBill.jpg CH070817_HBill.jpg (62.5 KB)
CotW's handbill for the August 2007 Winnipeg Gong Show... Due to an oversight, our names weren't listed on the bill; but we did perform that evening as a featured act. We promise.
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Audio/Video Recordings

CH070817-Mudder_Fodder_Clip.mpg CH070817-Mudder_Fodder_Clip.mpg (836 KB)
A very short clip of the "Mudder/Fodder" bit from the Farm Routine, which our good friend Lorraine James captured on her cell phone that night.
Running Time: 15 secs
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